Deliverance Help Guide

Bethel Christian Ministry has an extensive deliverance ministry that the Lord has used to deliver many from demonic oppression over many years. The Lord has enlarged and blessed this ministry, and because of that we have helped to train other ministries in the area of deliverance.

The purpose of this help guide is to use it as a quick reference to educate readers in areas pertaining to deliverance and also as a point of reference to see the reader might be in need of help.


There are a number of questions one can be asked.

  1. Do you sleep well at night? If not, what do you experience?
  2. What types of dreams do you have?
  3. Do you experience or sense a presence around you?
  4. Do you see or sense a presence around you?
  5. Have you been involved in the occult?
  6. Have you been cursed?

The following are examples of specific dream state that reflect some form of witchcraft or curse:

  • A person experiencing sexual dreams on a regular basis. This is indicative of a demonic covenant made with that person.
  • A person seeing themselves flying like a bird on a regular basis in their dream. This is equivalent to soul travel and is demonic.
  • A person always eating in their dream. This is indicative of evil witchcraft attack that was initiated via eating food that has been cursed.
  • A person finding themselves in water, whether submerged or swimming. This is indicative of the action of water spirits where they might be a covenant in place due to a curse or witchcraft.
  • A person seeing themselves back in school and/or writing exams ie things of the past; indicative of setback.
  • A person travelling and not reaching destination (or various other forms), indicative of non accomplishment.
  • A person seeing themself being chased in the dream by people or wild animals is indicative of witchcraft attack.
  • Lost in forest or bush is the work of familiar spirit.
  • Falling in the dream from a height is indicative of setback.
  • Dreaming the grave, cemetery or coffin is indicative of the spirit of death.
  1. Through occultic practices or reading occultic books.
  2. By committing sins of the flesh. Habitual sins can eventually lead a person being demonised.
  3. Abuse against a person will ie various forms of abuse eg sexual abuse and physical abuse. 
  4. As a result of curses placed on them eg generational curse.
  5. Witchcraft manifestations experienced by people.

Examples of these are as follows:

  • Barreness – where a woman is made infertile due to a curse.
  • Poverty – where a person can never prosper financially.
  • Lack of progress – where a person fails to progress ie lack of promotion.
  • Sickness – where spirits of infirmity are in action.
  • Set back – somewhat similar to lack of progress but can be accompanied by undesirable events taking place in the life of the person eg accidents, financial loss etc.
  • Breaking up of marriage/relationship.
  • Spiritual husband/spiritual wife – where a person experience intercourse in their dream regularly with an unknown person.
  • Sickness without medical explanations or solutions.

6.  As a result of membership of secret societies.

7.As a result of idol worship.

If you are in need of deliverance from any of the afore mention, we would recommend pre-deliverance counselling where a full appraisal of your problems are documented prior to be prayed for. For more information on deliverance please use the form on the contact page.