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One of the fundamental aims of PR and Promotions is to promote the dynamic ministry in Word from BCM. We are blessed to have an anointed man of God to lead and teach us as directed by God. As such, the word ministered has been a source of inspiration, help, comfort, guide and instruction.

The Media department recognises, like God did in the book of Daniel 12:4 that “…knowledge shall be increased”

… and in a world where technology is rapidly changing, the PR and promotions team aim to use multimedia to enhance the smooth delivery of our weekly Sunday Worship services.  The use of text, images, sound, animation, and video, to varying degrees help bring about smooth transitions through the varied activities that take place during our services. This ministry is responsible for the operation and functioning of the projection of the worship software, providing bible scripture readings, hymns, songs, PowerPoint presentations, videos / DVD’s etc.

BCM Productions was set up specifically to provide a DVD Ministry to enable the brethren of BCM to have access to the invaluable anointed sermons, teachings, and seminars that we have experienced. Generally all Sunday services are recorded and DVD’s created.

The Media team of committed workers are also responsible for:

  1. Communicating digitally: weekly church announcements; key notices etc.
  2. Promoting external church events; at district and national levels.
  3. Designing and maintaining the BCM website
  4. Producing certificates for water baptism, infant blessing
  5. Producing regularly updated catalogue of DVD’s available for purchase
    The PR and Promotions team work in close collaboration with the other department leaders to bring about a unified approach in BCM’s quest for moving forward and glorifying God in every aspect of what we do.

You can contact the Media team via the email provided below: