A Place for His Presence & Power

Pastor Ellis

I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ after the Lord revealed himself to me in January 1980. I was baptised and shortly after filled with the Holy Spirit

I graduated with an Honours degree in Biochemistry and went on to obtain a fellowship in Clinical Biochemistry. While considering further studies, the Lord impressed upon me that I must be separated to the gospel. In view of this, I dedicated my life to the Word, and service to God.

I served under the leadership of Pastor Sappleton for a short while. He released me to work with Pastor Patterson, who was pioneering a work in Vauxhall. During that period, I served as Deacon, Youth leader to both the local church and the District. I taught Sunday school for many years and was employed in most areas of the church.

My early days of preaching was on the streets where I did a lot of open air preaching in various places, as I worked with Pastor Patterson. After many years of labour with Pastor Patterson, the Lord spoke to me about taking over the work in Hammersmith.

There were many challenges but by God’s grace I have overcome them. The church which was renamed, Bethel Christian Ministries (BCM) has experienced steady growth and is zealous to see the kingdom of God come with great power. The motto for BCM is “ A place for His presence and Power”. Indeed there continues to be a rich presence of the Lord in all our services.

My vision for BCM is for a large multiracial, multicultural church of believers who are equipped to do the work of the ministry. I believe in discipling, training, empowering and nurturing God’s people to maximise their potential in their service of our Lord Jesus Christ.